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is an e-commerce site active in the business of high fashion accessories.
The site is the result of a partnership between two groups of national relevance that operate in the field of luxury retail, Base Blu and Folli Follie, both members of the Best Shops of Italy Association.
Base Blu Group has been involved in luxury retail for more than two decades, and under its name two multi-brand boutiques operate, with a total retail space of over 1500 square meters: Base Blue women boutique and Base Blu men boutique, both located in the pedestrian area of Varese, a town of 60,000 inhabitants 50 km north of Milan.
Over the years, Base Blu Group has enhanced its keen vocation for the top selective luxury also due to a unique partnership with Hermès, which has led to the opening of a single-brand boutique of more than 500 square meters in Varese's main street, Corso Matteotti.
Folli Follie was founded in 1970 in Mantova.
The idea comes from the passion which Giuseppe and Lucia Galli - the founders - have always had for the fashion world, especially for jewelry and accessories.
The first store was opened in Mantova and offered shoes and accessories. Today, forty years later, seven boutiques are active in Lombardia, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, where customers can sense an atmosphere of courtesy, modernity and luxury and where among shoes, accessories and clothing there is also room for departments dedicated to cosmetics and self-care.
Base Blu and Folli Follie have created RUNin2 with the intention of creating an e-commerce excellence, unique and original in the mix of products for sale
- belonging to the most successful Italian and international brands, but with an entire section dedicated to research brands
- and in the graphical structure, which aims at the maximum valorization of the products through an essential yet sophisticated design, which enhances the beauty and the details of the images, in addition to the speed and ease of navigation, in order to make the act of purchasing on the internet a shopping experience as "emotional" as possible.
Another hallmark of this new virtual marketplace is its "editorial" connotation, which we could define "infotainment", and which makes RUNin2 a "multifunctional" tool , able to offer visitors not only the opportunity to buy high-end accessories, but also information regarding what happens in the fashion world with short Twitter-style news featuring images and videos: on the home page of RUNin2 there are celebrities, events, updates about new products coming out, social, cultural and artistic initiatives directly or indirectly related to the fashion world, all of which are constantly updated.