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I’ve just placed an order, and I’ve paid with PayPal / Credit Card, can I change the destination address of the goods?

Orders paid via PayPal / Credit Card, must have the destination address identical to the owner of the credit card / account, otherwise they can not be processed. Thus, we can’t change the destination address.

I’ve just placed an order, and I’ve paid with wire transfer, can I change the destination address of the goods?

Sure, after we will have received the wire transfer, we can change the destination address.

Please write an email to our customer service, with the new destination address.

I placed two different orders with the same shipping address at a short time distance, will they be sent separately?

Unless explicitly request sent to our customer service, we will dispatch them in one box. Thus you can pay once the shipping costs.

Will I receive an invoice for online purchases?

As traditional purchase, we will provide you the invoice, which will travel with the goods, and the items will be warranted in accordance with applicable laws.

I just made my first order by credit card, when will I receive the goods?

As soon as the bank will authorize the transaction, we will delivery the goods, which could reach its destination within 48 business hours for Italian delivery, within 3/5 working days for European’s and within 5/7 working days for the rest of the world’s one.

I just placed an order by international wire transfer, when will I receive the goods?

Domestic payments by bank transfer takes about 3/5 working days before arriving at our bank. Once payment is received, the customer will receive the goods within the next 48 business hours.

The international payments via bank transfer can take up to 5/7 business days before arriving at our bank. Once payment will be received, the customer will receive the goods within 5/7 working days except customs problems not attributable to

How can I be informed about promotions, sales, news?

To be updated on our news, sales and promotions, simply subscribe to our newsletter on our website and follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and Tumblr.

Yesterday I saw an item on the website which is now Sold Out will it be available again?

Probably the item has been purchased in the last 24 hours, so at the moment is no longer available. We receive every day goods in our warehouse, so an article currently Sold Out could be available in a short time, we recommend you to visit frequently and check the availability.

How much is the shipping cost for European delivery?

Shipping costs to countries of the European Community are always free for orders over € 201, the shipping cost is defined as "flat rate" for each country of destination of goods, using the method of our carriers, in detail, evaluating actual weight and volume. The shipping cost is shown after inserting the item in the cart.  

I would like to order an item that is in pre-order, what should I do?

Just like any other order, when your order is confirmed, you will be charged the amount via PayPal or be asked to pay by bank transfer. If the merchandise is not yet available for shipping, the order remains in booking. We will dispatch the order as soon as the goods will be available.

I have a discount code, how can I use it?

To use a discount code, you simply have to enter the desired products in your shopping cart, proceed to check out, and enter the code in "VOUCHER" section BEFORE the payment.

I received the ordered item but there is a flaw/is not the one/size I ordered, what should I do?

Promptly contact our Customer Service, indicating the number of the order, the problem and please attach a picture. You will be immediately given specific instructions how to return the item.

Do you ship to the U.S.? Do you ship to Russia?

Yes, we currently ship to all countries around the world, including U.S., with the exception of Russia and Brasil, due to customs related issues, not attributable to

I saw an article in a Botique Folli Follie and / or Basic Blue, can I order it online? is the result of a partnership between Folli Follie and Base Blue, but does not share the same warehouse, we can not then send merchandise saw in a Botique.

How do I make purchases online?

Simply browse our web pages, choose your product, enter the quantity and click on "add to cart".

The products are placed in the cart; quantities and products may be changed at any time. Once the products have been added, you can choose your payment method; the shipping cost is also highlighted. The shipping cost works as a "flat rate" for each country of destination, using the couriers method, that is evaluating the actual weight and volume; the weight shown in the details of each product is provided by our suppliers. Enter your data when you confirm the order, from that moment your order will be processed;

It is important to double check the e-mail address that you enter, since that is the quickest and most immediate means of communication that we will have to reach our customers.

How do credit card payments work?

The customer places the order through a series of modules that appear on the screen. The last screen allows the customer to connect directly with the bank's secure server. Only here in the secure area the customer will type in their credit card details. Thus, neither we nor other intermediaries are allowed to access the data associated with the customer's credit card, in accordance with the Privacy Act. Only after the bank has verified the credit card, the shipping is authorized.

How do cash on delivery payments work?

Once the order is confirmed, the customer will receive an order confirmation via e-mail; any errors or lack of availability of the ordered items will be immediately notified via e-mail. For cash payments on delivery, there will be a commission as required by couriers, which, however, is highlighted in the order confirmation. Cash payments are accepted for a maximum of 1.000,00 Euro. We do not accept checks, only cash or cashier's checks. For cash payments on delivery, it is not possible to have the items dispatched to an address other than the one of the customer who places the order. Available for Italian addresses only.

Will I be entitled to a refund?

Of course. Customers may cancel the sale contract without penalty, the return of an item should be communicated in writing to our customer service within 10 working days after the delivery of the order. 

In case of return for alleged defects, RUNin2 will refund the shipping back fees with our courier. If after internal inspection the defect does not result as a production defect, RUNin2 will not refund the shipping costs.

Will my privacy be respected?

Your personal details and those related to your credit card are managed by a system with security levels typical of a banking system. According to the report pursuant to Article 10 of Legislative Decree no. 675/96 (Privacy Act) our customers' personal data are collected through an automated service and processed electronically by:

a. Banca di Credito Cooperativo in Busto Garolfo and Buguggiate, which is also responsible for the processing of the data;

b. shippers /couriers who will process personal data only for the execution of the order:

c. our Company, for the execution of the order.

Where, how and when will the goods be delivered?

The goods will be delivered via courier as soon as possible, to the place that was indicated as the destination at the time of purchase. For cash payments the goods will travel by courier. The goods are delivered at street level. It is essential that someone who can receive the goods is always present at the delivery address, during office hours from Monday to Friday.

Will I receive an invoice for purchases made online?

As for a traditional purchase, you will receive an invoice, which will travel with the goods, and the goods supplied will be covered by warranty according to the laws in force.

How many items can I buy per order?

In order to give availability for every customer, you can order at maximum 12 items for each order.