Leo Macina, designer and creator of the new brand LEO, launched in AW2014. The brand includes out-of-the-box designs of shoes and handbags. The style is very bold, creative and extravagant. Made in Italy, in Puglia, the shoes, sandsals, bags and backpacks are not only the center of attention of any outfit but have the perfect attention to detail and practicability. The skills in craftsmanship are remarkable, learned in Milan after continuous collaborations with a master shoemaker, and graduating with honors from Instituto Marangoni. Ironic, funny and quirky are descriptions of his creations, but yet a feminine touch. It’s a refined taste for who loves to play with fashion every day, with a pinch of irony and without ever taking life too seriously. Discover at RUNin2.com the new collection of shoes and bags by LEO.