It’s almost Christmas and that means Christmas shopping! It seems like just yesterday we were thinking about fall fashion trends and now suddenly holiday season is here. If you’re wondering what gifts to get for your fabulous fashion-obsessed friends and family, RUNin2 has already taken care of the matter. We went ahead and put together some options, all sourced from our favorite designers for fashion-loving women and men everywhere. Turn it up a notch this holiday season, and buy your friend that special clutch or trendy key chain. If it’s a male friend or boyfriend, you can checkout our best selection of wallets or small cases. If you're shopping for a friend who's always travelling off to exotic places, or an adventurer, or a loved one so busy with business that he or she spends more time in the office, these gifts are the perfect holiday picks,

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Discover on RUNin2 the latest collection of New Balance's sneakers. The New Balance Arch Support Shoes Company was founded in the early years of the 900 in Boston, the company was specialized in designing arch supports that improved the performance of sports shoes (hence the name was changed to New Balance almost immediately). In 1961, the birth of the first model: the Trackster, sporty with grooves in the soles for better grip. The new and innovative shoe brings New Balance to be a leading company in the shoes industry. Many athletes from that time onwards, will wear New Balance. The DNA of the brand is thus the continuous research of materials and shapes that improve, since the sole, the performance of the shoes. The pride of the New Balance has been to bring the production in 1994 in the United States. Today New Balance follows the customer in every decision with a website that allows you to find and fix with suitable soles, anatomical problems.


Discover at the new Mou collection of shoes and boots. London cult label Mou offers original, handcrafted footwear in premium natural fibers. Warm, durable and sensually soft, Mou shoes and boots are loved for the offbeat back-to-nature feel and eclectic styling. At Mou, ethical and eco-friendly production is a priority. Design innovation combines with traditional handcraft manufacturing techniques, to maximize the natural beauty of leathers in the collection. Mou style priority is comfort, especially for the classic Eskimo, and feature long-lasting soles and glitter and iridescent finishing, or soft suede and fringed uppers.