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A dreamer, a creative, a visionary. In two words: Francesco Ballestrazzi. He starts to work in many creative fields like illustration, dance, fashion, and in 2011 he launches his own brand of headpieces, all handmade by himself. Ballestrazzi creations are unique headpieces beyond the common idea of hat, and he is always using antique techniques of the italian tradition of millinery, as well as new and unique proceedings he invents himself. His creations are inspired by fairy tales, immagination and wishes of all women. These hats make reality a little bit closer to the wonderful world of dreams.

Garment Project

After working in the fashion industry for many years, both with brands like Nike and Urban Outfitters and with his own Copenhagen-based store Pede&Stoffer, Kent Rau Madsen, decided to set up his own label focussing on high-quality classics. The result is Garment Project, founded in 2013 with a vision, producing glamour classic basics clothes and accessories, especially sneakers. The Garmen Project collection is inspired by all time classic elegance with a fresh contemporary touch. Quality leather, love for classic forms, comfort and style at the same time, a perfect combination of the way of life of today's men. Traditional but non conservative with a strong influence of contemporary culture, a very chic new addition to your sneakers collection.